About Our Hunts

Our pristine wilderness area, in the heart of northwestern BC, is where you will find superb hunting opportunities for many species. We specialize in combination hunts for Mountain Caribou, Mountain Goat, Canadian Moose, Black Bear and Wolf. Stone Sheep available by special arrangement. We also provide hunting opportunities for these species as single animal hunts.

Fishing and wilderness trips take place in July and August, and also in August we take our sheep hunts. We offer the combo hunts for moose, mountain caribou, goat, black bear and wolf between mid August and mid October.

We cater to small groups, usually about four or five hunters at one time and Ron guides all the time himself, along with two assistants, thereby offering a very personalized service to our guests.

We have eight camps located in the area but only hunt one or two at a time, and rotate camps to ensure there is no pressure on any one portion of the area. There is boat hunting on big lakes and / or backpack hunting, hiking mountainous terrain, but returning to a main camp each night for excellent home cooked meals and a warm cabin.

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