We expect to………

- answer every question you may have – the more prepared you are the better the trip will be.

- provide a quality hunt at the best time we have available to hunt a species or combo.

- provide quality equipment in good running operation.

- provide dry warm sleeping accommodations, hot showers and excellent home-cooked meals.

- provide caping, salting and field prep of your trophies.

- provide a professional guide service by knowledgeable and experienced guides.

We expect you to please………

- be ethical and responsible and willing to make the effort to “go the distance”.

- be comfortable and accurate with the rifle of your choice and shoot only when told to . Always LOOK at your guide and be sure you understand ‘yes shoot’ or 'NO don’t shoot'.

- not try to shoot a moving animal unless you absolutely have to.

- make sure your rifle is sighted in for 1’’ high at 100 yds. and plan to take a couple shots to check it when you get to camp.

- practice shooting from bi-pod or a rest and be able to confidently shoot offhand and from all stances.

- always practice SAFETY. Never carry a round in your chamber and only put a round in when your guide asks you to do so.

- always be aware of where your barrel is pointed.

- take care when entering and exiting the boats. Be honest about your experience with this potential hazard.

- communicate frequently with us to plan the trip and constantly with your guide to make it all happen in the field.

- be prepared to be flexible in action. Our weather can and does change quickly. It can change our plans for a day’s hunt and is a huge factor in the movement of animals. As has been said “Hunting and life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do about it.” We will do our best to give you a great hunting experience.